Hillary + Garett

Mr. & Mrs. Charpentier

St. Francis De Sales Cathedral | Grand Bayou Noir

Married:  June 23, 2017


Happy Thursday!   Hillary & Garett are back from their Alaskan honeymoon and I’ve been dying to share just a few of our favorite photos!


Oh, where do we even begin with these two? From the minute I met Hillary, I knew she was going to be so fun to work with. I loved all the Texas traditions she was including in her South Louisiana wedding. From cowboy boots to what a “house party” is, I knew it was going to be great.


So many special moments took place during Hillary & Garett’s big day but one that stands out the most is when Garett surprised Hillary with a song he wrote just for her.


Hillary & Garett, thank you so much for bringing us out to your beautiful wedding. You two are just so sweet together.


Enjoy this little sneak peek! There’s a lot more to come!


Ceremony: St. Francis De Sales Cathedral  |  Reception: Grand Bayou Noir  |  Band: Mule Kick  |  Cake: Elizabeth Veneble  | Florist: Rouse’s  |  Hair: Jessica Massey |  Officiate: Deacon Gary Lapeyrouse  |  Dress Shop: Circle Park Bridal – Addison, TX