Tana + Colby

Mr. & Mrs. Martin

Dominique’s Wine Boutique & Bistro

Married: May 29, 2021

A day so many have been waiting for!!  These two have been together for 14 years and they finally tied the knot! WhooHoo!!!  It was an amazing evening celebrated by their closest friends and family.  

Tana & Colby were married at Dominique’s Wine Boutique & Bistro in downtown Houma.  Kenny Hamner did a wonderful job officiating the ceremony.  He had everyone laughing at the end with a Cajun blessing.  The reception followed inside for dancing, good food and drinks.  It was a beautiful South Louisiana summer evening.   

Tana & Colby, I am so very happy for both of you.  I know this was a long day coming and I’m so thankful that you picked me to document this important day.  

Here are a few of my favorites from your amazing afternoon!  Congratulations again! 


Brittany + Nick

Mr. & Mrs. Wells

First Baptist Church of Houma | Mardi Gras Hall

Married: May 28, 2021

I can’t say enough good things about Brittany & Nick!! What a precious couple I’ve been blessed to work with!!!  They both have handled the last year with such class & ease.  They rolled through every obstacle of picking a new date, finding a new reception venue and keeping all of their vendors.  I’ve gotten to really know this couple and I consider them not only clients but friends.  They have truly blessed me with their kindness and thoughtfulness throughout the last year of working together.  

Brittany & Nick were married at First Baptist Church of Houma.  Brother Steve did an amazing job as always.  He did tell Nick he would hold the marriage license for two weeks if Brittany starts acting up.  LOL!  It was funny but we all know this couple is solid and Nick will not be trading in Brittany.  Their love for each other is so evident.

The reception then followed to Mardi Gras Hall in downtown Houma.  DJ, Quinn Landry, was ready to get the party started.  The night was filled with laughter, visiting and dancing.  They ended their reception with a blessing.  

Just like the lyrics say, I pray the same thing…

May His favor be upon you

And a thousand generations

And your family and your children

And their children, and their children

Brittany & Nick, thank you from the bottom of my heart for choosing me to document your day.  You both have blessed me, and I can never thank you enough for giving me the privilege of getting to know you.  I couldn’t think of a better couple to photograph my 300th wedding.  

Here are a few of my favorites from your beautiful day!  Congratulations again! 


Mr. & Mrs. Sawyer – Honeymoon Portraits

Mr. & Mrs. Sawyer

Honeymoon Portraits

Walt Disney World – Magic Kingdom

Dreams really do come true!!  I have always wanted to photograph in Disney World!!  While photographing Ahlanna’s bridals back in February, I asked her where they were going on their honeymoon.  She mentioned Disney World but wouldn’t be going until May since she is in grad school.  I just so happen to be going the same week as them for a bachelorette trip!!  What?!?! 

I have been anxiously waiting for the week to arrive.  Ahlanna & Blake kept their outfits top secret.  When we met at our meeting spot, I was like a little kid and probably got way too excited.  We seriously had the best time.  I couldn’t think of a better couple to photograph in Disney.  Thank you… thank you… thank you… for allowing me to take portraits of you two on your honeymoon.  This was an amazing experience.  I will never forget this day!  I hope you enjoy some of my favorites from our day together. 

Nichole + Danny

Mr. & Mrs. Cockerham

Living Word Church

Married: May 1, 2021

If you know their love story, you can’t help but cry (I definitely cried at this one).  These high school sweethearts dated for 6 years and then went separate ways.  After tragedy & heartbreak, 20 years later God brought them back together at church.  

Nichole & Danny were married in the prayer garden at Living Word Church with their family and closest friends.  Pastor Matt Karns did a beautiful job officiating the ceremony.  

The reception then followed to the fellowship hall for a first dance and sit-down dinner.  It was a beautiful afternoon celebrating two people becoming one.

Nichole & Danny, thank you so much for choosing me to document your wedding day.  I’m beyond excited for you.  I love your love story & thanking God for blessing the two of you. 

“And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose” Romans 8:28

Here are a few of my favorites from your beautiful afternoon!  Congratulations again! 


Ashlynn + Jacob

Mr. & Mrs. Crochet

St. Joseph Co-Cathedral & Rendezvous

Married: April 10, 2021

I know y’all probably get sick of me saying… “I have been looking forward to this wedding”, but I truly mean it.  I really have been looking forward to Jacob & Ashlynn’s big day!  They have been planning this wedding for over a year now and it has finally arrived!  

I began my day at Ashlynn’s grandparents’ home in Thibodaux.  Everyone was so happy and ready for the day.  It had rained earlier in the day but cleared up just in time for the wedding festivities.  

Ashlynn & Jacob held hands and got to talk to each other right before the ceremony.  They were married at St. Joseph Co-Cathedral in Thibodaux.  Father Vic did a beautiful job officiating the ceremony.  My favorite part was when Jacob kissed Ashlynn before Father Vic announced them husband & wife.  So, he got to kiss her twice!!  It was such a precious moment.  

The reception then followed to Rendezvous.  Good Feelings was ready to get the party started.  I don’t think the dance floor was empty the entire night.  It was a night full of laughter, dancing and good ol’ southern fun!  

Ashlynn & Jacob, thank you so much for choosing me to document your day.  I had so much fun celebrating with you and your family.


Here are a few of our favorites from your amazing day!